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Pharma Products

Pharma Products are used in various places that include castor sugar, cellulose sphere and sugar cubes. These are provided in the 14 to 45 sizes with low moisture level.

Sugar Sachets

Sugar Sachets are made form natural flavour and does not contain any preservatives and artificial coloring. These sachets are available in different packets such as 5 gm, 6gm and 7gm.

Liquid Glucose
Liquid glucose we offer is suited for the manufacturing of chocolates and flavored candies. This is highly needed for the preparation of glucose biscuits and keeps the edibles soft and fresh. It can be also added in Jams, chewing gums, jellies, and canned fruits.
Shellac we offer can be dissolved in ethanol to find its liquid form. This can be used as for the brush-on colorant, good wood finish and food glaze. This is functional as a sanding sealant, tannin blocker, tough natural primer, high-gloss varnish and odor blocker.
Specialty Sugars

Specialty Sugars we offer can be used in restaurants and function as the finishing sugar. They can be sprinkled on pie crusts and scones, before their baking. These allow for the nice topping for berries as well as cream.

Sugar Free

Sugar Free we offer is suited for the diabetic patients. It has sweet taste and is appreciable for its natural and sweet taste. Moreover, it tastes like a natural sweetener. These are calorie-free or carb-free essentials that can be added to many edibles.

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